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Welcome to A Creative Marc, my sketchbook for all things design! The creative process, critiques, the making of a business in the artists market, successes and failures… which, let’s be honest, I’m sure there will be a fair share of those. This will be the place for you to experience this adventure with me, whether it be the good, the bad, or the ugly.

Okay, lets get this whole blog thing started. My name is Marc, and I am a freelance designer. I’m in the beginning of my career and, like I said in my headline, I’m going to start documenting my process because, well, as a designer that’s the important part, right?

So, how about we start with a quick bio. I’m originally from Arizona, but I have found myself living in Portland, Oregon. A couple of years ago I packed up a truck and made the trek to the Pacific Northwest to start my career/life/find my niche in this world. I can proudly say that I haven’t looked back.

With my belongings, I brought with me a dog that I rescued when he was a puppy. He’s a Black Lab-Border Collie mix, and with Beervana on my mind, naturally he got named after a beer. Porter resides with me in Portland and is in the process of starting his own blog: Porter in Portland. I’m not entirely sure how he uses the keyboard without fingers, but he assures me that the process will be a success.

On the professional side, I am a graduate of Arizona State University with my Bachelor’s of Art in Design. With the strong education background, I’m now on the path to find my voice, style and place in the design world. I have been freelancing for a couple of years now and have learned a lot, but now I feel its time to take things to the next level and that’s what I’m hoping this blog will help me to do.

If you like what I’m trying to do, feel free to contact me! Here’s all the places you can find me, but I’ll also accept smoke signals when the moon and stars are aligned, or carrier pigeon. I’ve been told though, with the latter, it may take while, so try to stick with the choices below:

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Let’s design something together!